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The official team of LaCostaSpain company welcomes you to our official website.

Оur main services are:
1. Sales and rent of properties in Costa Blanca.
2. Commercial properties, an active business.
3. Mortgage credits.
4. Service even after the transaction, counseling service.
5. The resolution of any doubt about the adaptation (health care, education, public services).

Being part of the EU, Spain provides a guarantee of the defense of the private property, business and economic activities rights. In an attempt to get invested, the Spanish Monarchy provides an accessible system to get mortgage credits with reasonable conditions.

We take care of all our clients individually, having in mind all their circumstances and desires. Before the transaction we make sure to inform you correctly and resolve all your doubts, no matter when,  about the commercial or liveable property.

From the beginning to the end you will be informed about all nuances of the property and the necessary documents for the rent or sale through the notary.

Any other information about other services we provide in LaCostaSpain you can find it in other pages of our website.

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